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2 years 9 months ago

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The Mighty Maestro - Music Theory for Kids

The Mighty Maestro

3 years 2 days ago

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Are your kids struggling with their music? Our fabulous activities will help improve understanding and playing, both solo and in a group.

The Mighty Maestro

3 years 2 months ago

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Students may take their time over the first two sections. Teachers can preview the whole program for an hour.

The Mighty Maestro

6 years 6 months ago

We've added 4 new sections so that the activities cover all points from the ABRSM Music Theory - Grade I Syllabus.

These are:

6.5 C Major Scale
The C major scale, scale degrees and the pattern of tones/whole notes & semitones/half notes.

6.6 Other Major Scales
C, G, D and F major scales and middle C.

6.7 Intervals
Ideantify intervals above the tonic in each of the 4 scales studied.

6.8 Tonic triads
Play the tonic triads in C, G, D and F major.